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About Us

Agostino Wholesalers have been serving restaurants, pubs and clubs for over 30 years. Opened by the Agostino family in the 1980’s. Ross & Agnes owned business from 2011 to Sept 2020. The new owners Bhaumik and Chintan Patel have continued with Agostino's motto “competitive on price, unbeatable on service” to service both Wholesale and Retail customers.


With the recent events of COVID-19 we saw 98% of our restaurants close their doors. We reached out to the public and the response was overwhelming, everyone was asking us to please continue so was created, delivering food to your house. Our covid safe delivery service continues to provide a wide range of food to homes throughout Perth.


You can choose from over 1300 food items, all Chef Quality and many unavailable through “normal” shops.  After trying some of these items in your cooking, you’ll understand why restaurant food tastes so good. They are using quality ingredients like these listed in our catalogue.

SECURE - all orders are placed on a secure server. Credit Card information is processed by external payment gateways and no data is ever stored on our website or server.